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In the digital era, the sole purpose of business still remains – to create a customer. But the difference is that the customer is now gaining more control of that relationship as a collective group and therefore is having a direct influence on how business models will reshape for new opportunities.

The digital driven business environment requires a responding model and resource effort that will allow an insight into the changing needs of the customer base while identifying shaping new opportunities. The model structure and function also needs to allow for pending threats to be identified and minimised.

The opportunity to access new growth potential in the digital era is significant providing businesses are prepared to take it on. That is to reshape to allow for emerging opportunities to be seen and captured for value- add. This requires business capabilities to be adaptive for the integration and internalisation of digital technology.

The services focus on delivering strategy and business design to achieve sustainable business offerings.

  • Strategy research, development and implementation.
  • Business design and business model research, design and development.
  • Problem solving.
  • Touchpoint review & design (customer, cost and currency exchange).
  • Evolving and scalable digital footprints.
  • Developing and refining new ways to connect with stakeholders and customers.
  • Engaging new knowledge and process systems to allow businesses to customise their own path.


Integrating digital technology can mean many things; it will depend upon how the business model is shaping to meet the requirements of its customers. Digital technology adds-value by lowering costs through efficiency gains across the business and allows for new ways to be visioned accessing untapped market opportunities. Its power is in the way it delivers a benefit gain to customers because that is when it will deliver a return.

The opportunity is in the way the digital technology tools, applications and materials are integrated into the value chain. The capability of what can be delivered will only increase so the value will be in what digital technology tools are chosen; and how they are embedded into the ever-changing ecosystem that surrounds and flows through the business.



Starting a new business, or introducing a new product, is no longer about writing a business plan. The demands of the digital era, require a far more connected approach. That is, engage with the customer from the start to avoid the pitfalls of creating a ‘master plan’ with embedded fatal flaws.

The goal is to get to market on a pathway of least resistance with agility, adaptability and alignment at the core. Genis works with businesses and entrepreneurs to develop and transform compelling ideas into sustainable business offerings.



Genis conducts workshops and educational experiences on the digital era and how it effects and provides opportunities for business model shaping. The educational experiences and workshops will be tailored to suit the business requirement.



Genis provides consultancy and project services across the business, marketing and IT/digital domains. The services focus on delivering strategy; business design; problem-solving; research; and, educational experiences to achieve sustainable business offerings.


Julie is an experienced Strategist, Business Designer and Researcher across the Business, IT/Digital and Marketing domains. She is experienced in understanding large and complex projects; managing stakeholders; problem-solving; interpreting environmental influences; research; and, understanding customer needs.

She started her career with McDonald’s Family Restaurants and the DDB advertising agency as State Marketing Manager for Western Australia. Subsequently, she has been a senior executive working across the aviation, airport, tourism and property development industries. She has also delivered projects for BHP and Rio Tinto. Julie now undertakes project, contract and consultancy work and is a University Educator.

Some of the courses that Julie has developed and/or taught at MBA/Master’s level include: Business Design; IT Strategy; Systems Analysis & Design; Business Operations Management; People & Organisations; and, Building Quality Organisations. She has also led industry experienced student project teams to deliver commercial IT & digital solutions for industry partners.

In terms of interests, Julie is fitness focused and has completed several half-marathons.

Julie has an MBA (Executive) with a Distinction Pass, along with a Graduate Diploma of Business (Marketing) and a Bachelor of Applied Science. She is also continuing with her business research.



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